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"Ye  hardly  heard  her  whisper’d  words  &  left’r  deaf  &  dying •||• Be  keen  to  find’r  ere  she  fades, lest  ye  be  next  a-crying."

Tweeter Rater is a story in four parts, which unfolded on Twitter with the help of many collaborators between February 2012 and December 2013. 

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Part 1 of TR is called Nova. In its two chapters, a seemingly harmless Twitter account goes horribly off the rails. 

Part 2 of TR is called Keely Keene. It tells the tale of the brilliant young Keely, her kidnapping, and the psychological horrors she endures while forced to serve the Tweeter Rater. Please be forewarned that Keely Keene may be disturbing to some readers. 

Part 3 of TR is called Year 13. It is equal parts story, ARG, art exhibition, and indictment. Or perhaps it is none of these things. There is no single or correct way to experience Year 13, so read as much as you wish from the collected chapters below, moving generally from top to bottom.

Part 4 of TR is called Supernova. It’s all about the stars and you.

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A few miscellaneous items worth noting:

(1) Critique (in progress) collects the disparate reactions to TR’s strange evolution.

(2) Credits gives thanks to TR’s many collaborators.

(3) Professional Echo: Frequent TR collaborator @PatrickEchoEcho wrote some stellar synopses that succinctly capture the wonder and weirdness of TR. Here they are: DuodecimDuodecim II, and Duodecim III

(4) Contact: Questions? Critiques? Compliments? Collaborations? Kindly contact me via chessquire [at] gmail or @scotteckert.